We have a long history of delivering excellent customer value through our expert investment knowledge. Below are just a few stories of investors who have followed the systems and strategies that you will learn in our courses.

M Crocker, Rugby

I have been investing in the stock market for several decades but the DIP is definitely one the best strategies that I have come across. I used to hold the same funds for years, but now I can make the same amount of money in just a few months. For this reason, it would be highly unlikely that I will invest in funds in the future. For example, in Land Securities I made 10% profit and collected two quarterly dividends in 5 months.

W Hadley, St Ives

In the first few months of using the DIP strategy I made 30% profit in Kier Group in just one month, 11% in ITV in 6 weeks and 15% in Dixons in just 3 weeks. I didn’t collect any dividends but when you make that kind of money who cares about the income!

It’s too early to say about the long term results but I can tell you that one of their first trades made me 30% in less than a month, a £5k profit!. If you want an honest and fair stock broking firm to use, I would absolutely recommend them.

J Downes, Derby

I have invested in the stock market conservatively for many years but I wanted to speculate with a small part of my portfolio. I didn't have the knowledge or confidence to do it myself so I asked London Stone Securities to assist. All the staff of London Stone I have been in contact with are always helpful, prompt and professional with their assistance.

M Cook, Studley

I have been using the DIP strategy for several months and thus far the results have been really good despite the stock market being lower than when we first started. I’m also worried about a stock market crash and so this is the perfect way to maintain some cash whilst still making the rest of the money work for me.

The great thing about this strategy is that you don’t hold onto things for too long so your risk is constantly being cut every time you sell.

Overall, I’m very happy with the way it’s going and to date it seems a very encouraging strategy.

M Bourne, London

I want to deal with people I can trust. I am always greeted with a nice smile and the people at LSS will listen to you. It’s nice to come in and be surprised by the friendly atmosphere and good information.

J Ollerton, Worcestershire

I have been a financial advisor for many years. My clients and I have been together for most of that time. The reason why we stayed together is because I have a strong communication with them. We have been doing regular telephone calls or meetings, since I like to be kept informed. This is why I like working with London Stone, I find them very flexible.
That has been one of the main reasons why our relationship has grown. Then after two years, they became my main partnership. I can also see that my business with them will be growing strongly over the coming years. Why? Because I retain full control over the clients, but if I need help or advice, London Stone provide it. It is a great working arrangement; one I value very much. As an independent firm, London Stone have the flexibility to tailor their services and products to my require. It is exactly what I am looking for and what you should be looking for too.

M Ladwa, Twickenham

Thanks for all the advice you gave me a few days ago. It was nice meeting you all at the IX Investor show and I really found your presentation very helpful. The Dividend Income Plus book is a great help towards learning the strategy.

R Butkevic, East Ham, London

The book was very informative, I like how this guys delivers the information. That's why I'm giving it 5 Stars. However, as a trader myself, I didn't learn a lot of new things. It's better for people who want to learn trading/investing

R Ingham, Cheshire

Having previously been a buy and hold investor, the DIP has been perfect in giving me the confidence to take greater control in proactively managing my investments and significantly boots my return. I've completed the 30-day online course and read the DIP book and found them both to be well explained and very informative. The insights on interpreting share price movement and market trends that Ranjeet shares with his readers and the decisions he made in actual trades have been invaluable.