The Dividend Income Plus (DIP)

Free Lesson: 1. Game of Money

 This is our most comprehensive course and is designed specifically for individuals who are looking for a low to medium risk approach to investing. Dividends from shares are one of the most powerful ways to make passive income and it’s why the stock market has made so much money for so many people. However high income is often at the expense of high capital appreciation and investors are mistaken into thinking that they have to choose between the two. 

After ten whole years of learning, testing and developing countless strategies, we are very proud to present the DIP System. This is a unique strategy developed in-house which combines the highest income paying shares with the highest capital appreciation. If you like dividends and growth this course is for you. It is a strategy that we have used extensively through which we have managed and continue to manage many millions of pounds for our clients. It remains today as one of the most successful trading strategies that we have ever used. 

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Dividend Income Plus

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