Investing Made Simple

Investing in the stock market is one of the most efficient methods of growing your wealth. You just need to learn the basic principles and apply them into the proven strategies that have worked over time.

In 2008 the FCA regulated stock broking firm, London Stone Securities, was founded. For more than a decade and through our expert knowledge we have helped our investors to grow their pensions, stock ISAs and share portfolios. We typically focus on low low to medium risk strategies which involve dividends and capital appreciation whilst maintaining a focus on capital protection. However we have also been able to accelerate returns for some clients through the use of more complex and higher risk products including derivatives.

Now, we are teaching investors how to do the same for themselves through our subsidiary firm, London Stone Investments.

For the very first time, and from the combined experience of many decades of trading in the financial equity markets we are now bringing our knowledge to retail investors. This means that everybody, regardless of their background or financial position can now benefit from our experience. Whether you are a professional investor or a complete novice, our series of easy-to-follow courses will show you everything that you need to know about stock market investing. We have a strong record of success and through our regulated company, our team is responsible for managing tens of millions of pounds for clients. Therefore our reputation rests on delivering good results.

We do not provide management services for client portfolios. If you have a share portfolio that you would like to have professionally managed please contact London Stone Securities

London Stone Investments is an educational organisation committed to teaching individuals how to manage their own portfolios and grow their wealth by investing in the stock market.


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